Book Buddies

Book Buddies is an app for book lovers, it will help users track all the books they own, books they have read and books they will read in the future. It also helps users develop a reading habit, it will allow them to set goals, win points and be part of a community.


The problem: It's hard to form a habit for reading.

The Assumption: People are more productive when they are part of a community. Competition leads to motivation.

My Role: UX/UI Designer


We started by creating user flows, wireframes and a lo-fi prototype to test on potential users. We tested the overall user flow and gained a lot of insights by observing how the participants interacted with the design. We went back and did some iterations based on the finding I collected from testing the lo-fi prototype.


Then we designed a logo and a brand identity, the brand has a contemporary look and feel. The use of blue, soft sans-serif typefaces and white space gives a feeling of confidence and reliability. Created a UI design system and style guide to implement across all the pages. 


Brand Identity: 

Prototype & Testing

Key tasks:

1. Search for a book and add this book to your library.

2. Add a new shelf to your library and add a book to this shelf.

The prototype was tested on 5 participants. All five completed the tasks. The testing helped me gain a lot of insights about interacting with the system. After I collected the findings I went back to the prototype and did iterations that allow for a smoother experience.