Two architecture giants coming together. We designed a unified brand system that was applied to many deliverables including marketing collateral, stationery, intranet, and presentation slides.


The CallisonRTKL brand blends the best of two mindsets, a shared mission, and vision that combines the essence of who we are and who we have always been. It unites the best of what we aspire to be and sets out a path that leads to new heights and new goals.

My Role: Art Director and Graphic Designer


The new CallisonRTKL brand had to unite two existing brands across 17 offices around the world. The design system includes:


  • Logo and brand guidelines

  • Many digital tools for internal communication

  • Client proposals

  • Marketing collateral and giveaways

  • Website

  • Stationary

  • Conference booths

The brand identity was submitted and won numerous design awards.